COMFORT FIT Socks - White


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Odd Matched White COMFORT FIT Far Infrared Socks

We have some miss matched socks.

We managed to match the FOOT part but, the LOGO is on the same side.   Kinda looks like you have 2 left socks or 2 right socks.  (Your feet won't mind)

Prolotex™ Far Infrared "COMFORT FIT" Sock in White.

Socks have unique rejuvenating powers and pain relieving capabilities, they are super comfortable to wear.                
Offering a wonderful range of health benefits, as well as pain relieving comfort, wearing this Prolotex™ "COMFORT FIT" Far Infrared Sock really is a whole new experience.       

Whenever or wherever you wear them, you can be assured you will be wearing the highest quality and most health benefiting far infrared socks available today.

Designed for comfort, these therapeutic socks offer a nice flat seam at the toes, a cozy knit pattern around the foot and heel, and a comfortable crew length cuff height.

Special bio ceramic-impregnated polypropylene threads help to wick away moisture, retard bacteria, and reduce odors.      

Prolotex™ "COMFORT FIT" FIR Socks are nice and soft on your feet. With all the challenges and decisions you have to face every day, remember Prolotex™ FIR Socks are the safe, easy, and right choice for you to make.


Prolotex Far Infrared Socks are Unisex Socks

Just Compare Prolotex Socks Sizes Against Your Shoe Size

Size Chart for Men with Shoe Size ...
Sock Sizes US US Sock Sizes UK UK Sock Sizes AU AU Sock Sizes EU European Sock Sizes
Small 2-4 1-3 1-3 34-36
Medium 4-6 4-6 4-6 37-39
Large 7-10 6-9 6-9 40-43
XLarge 11-13 9.5-11 9.5-11 44-47
XXLarge 14-17 12-15 12-15 48-51

Sizing charts are approximate.


Size Chart for Women with Shoe Size ...
Sock Sizes US US Sock Sizes UK UK Sock Sizes AU AU Sock Sizes EU European Sock Sizes
Small 3-5 2-3 2-4 34-36
Medium 6-8 4-6 5-7 37-39
Large 9-11 6.5-8 7.5-9 40-43
XLarge 12-14 9.5-11 10.5-12.5 44-47
XXLarge 15-17 13-16 13-16 48-51


Fiber Content:
Polypropylene knitted fibers fused with micro-particles of natural bio-ceramics.
80% polypropylene, 5% spandex, 15 ceramics.   

  • soft and cozy
  • cushion terry foot

Style: Crew Style
on same side

2 socks / pkg

Product Care:  See Washing Guidelines