What is Far Infrared

Far Infrared - What Is It?

Sunlight consists of different wave lengths of light. When combined they produce the "white light" that we experience every day. Infrared light is in this spectrum's lower range, and although its rays aren't visible to the eye, it generates the warmth we feel on bright sunny days.  

Far Infrared Rays - not visible to the naked eye, are Part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

"Different Wavelengths"

Radiation: Infrared rays radiate or spread from a localized source like the sun and bio-ceramics.

Penetration: Unlike visible light, infrared rays can deeply penetrate skin and the underlying tissues up to 3.75 - 7 cm (approx. 1.5 to 2.8 inches)

Resonance: Infrared rays naturally generate heat by causing the body's molecules to rapidly vibrate against each other.


Discover the Power of Far Infrared: 

Far Infrared Rays are a part our natural environment. We are surrounded by far infrared light. Regardless, if we are indoors or out in the direct sunlight.

You can’t see far infrared light with your naked eye, but it’s easy to prove that it exists.  


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