Prolotex Health Benefits

Health Benefits Of Prolotex Far Infrared ProductsHealth Benefits Of Prolotex Far Infrared Products

Yes, Prolotex Far Infrared Therapy Garments and Products are proving valuable aid for boosting your immune system and promoting circulation.

As the Far Infrared Rays (FIR) emitted from the bio-ceramic fused fibers help to stimulate micro-circulation, most individuals experience positive results from wearing Prolotex FIR products.

Using the concept that FIR helps promote blood flow, we realized that a variety of health diseases and conditions that would benefit from an increase in circulation.

While the initial research and development of the products was focused on treating Raynaud's Disease, it was  discovered that the fabrics we worked with showed very positive results in treating other medical conditions like Trigger Finger, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Chilblains , Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


No, the products do not work the same for everyone, but the results and feedback we have received from customers and individuals just like yourself that were seeking a safe, affordable alternative to expensive medications and harmful prescription drugs, has been  staggering!


The following is a list of conditions and ailments that our customers report to have gained positive health benefits from wearing Far Infrared Therapeutic products  and garments:


Arthritic Fingers Hip Pain
Arthritic Toes Knee Pain
Athlete's Foot Lupus in Feet
Blackberry Thumb Lupus in Hands
Blue Toe Lyme Disease
Broken Fingers Migraines & Headaches
Broken Toe Neuropathy
Bunions Plantar Fasciitis
Carpal Tunnel Pain Poor Circulation
Charcot Foot Raynaud's Feet
Chilblains Raynaud's Hands
Cold Feet Restless Leg
Cold Hands & Feet RSI in Hands
Diabetes Scleroderma
Dupuytren's Disease Shingles
Elbow Pain Shoulder Pain
Elbow Pain Sore Feet
Fibromyalgia Sprained Ankle
Finger Psoriasis Tarsal Tunnel Pain
Finger Sprains Toe Psoriasis
Foot Bursitis Toe Sprains
Foot Fracture Trigger Finger
Ganglion Cyst Turf Toe
Gout Weight Loss
Heel Fissures White Finger
Heel Spurs Wrist Pain