Far infrared Not Visible to the Naked Eye

Far Infrared for Health

Next time you're out on a bright sunny day when the air is cool or even cold, stand in the direct sunlight and feel the warm rays beaming down on you. The air isn’t being warmed, yet you feel heat. The heat you feel is created when the rays of far infrared light enter your body.

No worries. These“ unseen” far infrared rays you naturally absorb are quite safe. 

Far Infrared Rays can penetrate deep into the tissues, joints and muscle fibers

"Dancing Molecules"


Far Infrared energizes your body

There is something really quite astonishing about the way far infrared increases the tempo of molecular activity within the body. Your personal “marching band” of molecules will only accept far infrared rays if they are of the same intrinsic vibration frequency as themselves (8-14 microns).

In other words, if the far infrared is playing at the right vibration, your cells will absorb the (FIR) wave energy, and crank up the rhythm of the “dance”.

As each individual cell becomes activated they start to warm up. Far Infrared Rays help to increase molecular activity and improve the “vibration” performance levels of each cell. That’s when really good things start to happen within your body.  

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