Kids get Raynaud's Too

Can Kids Get Raynaud’s?

Yes, children get Raynaud’s too and not just when they’re exposed to cold weather conditions. According to Dr Thomas Lehman,1 who has treated children with Raynaud’s in 80+ degree weather, there are a number of factors that can trigger a Raynaud’s attack. Emotional events such as embarrassment or anxiety can also cause the “clamping down” of blood vessels and altering of blood flow to the hands and feet.

It’s not easy watching your child’s finger tips turn white, red or purple in normal comfortable temperatures. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they have an underlying medical condition like lupus or scleroderma. Obviously, it would be wise to have a pediatric rheumatologist who is familiar with Raynaud’s symptoms to examine your child and determine the severity of their condition.

There are common sense steps parents can take to help guard their child against the painful and potentially damaging consequences of Raynaud’s. Make sure there are dressed warm and be aware of what can prompt the condition. Like stress, coming in contact with the cold items or even air conditioning.

Prolotex Therapy gloves and socks emit far infrared rays that gently penetrate the soft tissues of the hands and feet. Far infrared rays have been proven to be safe and effective in dilating blood vessels and capillaries as well as increasing microcirculation. That’s why Prolotex products can help guard against vasospasms caused by Raynaud’s.


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