Future of Far Infared Therapy

Future of Far Infared Therapy

What is the Future of Far Infrared Therapy?

It's already been a dozen (12) years since we started to manufacture and distribute far infrared therapy products. Mostly in America but also Canada, Australia, Europe and many other westernized countries.

A decade ago, there was nowhere near the amount of far infrared health products available online as we see today. Far infrared therapy products (excluding saunas) never really sold well through retail stores. Mostly, because western consumers need to be educated about the benefits of far infrared therapy in order to make a buying decision.

That's why the Internet has been such a great resource tool to help those looking for safe, effective, alternative therapy.  More and more health conscious individuals are searching for pain relieving solutions that come without any of the side effects of drug therapy. Far infrared light rays are readily absorbed by the body and help promote circulation, relieve pain and reduce swelling.

Is far infrared therapy the answer to every ailment and painful condition? FIR therapy is certainly not for everyone, but for some it's a godsend, offering great relief and improved quality of life.

So, will far infrared therapy products become more popular in the west in the near future? I do believe so. With such a dramatic increase in variety and range of far infrared therapy products being offered in marketplace over last few years, it is safe to assume more Americans will want to try this safe, effective and affordable therapy.

The biggest hurdle holding back the widespread use of far infrared therapy is the fact it's counterintuitive to western medical practice. And therefore takes some education. Western medicine is based more on instant gratification with prescription drugs that dull the pain and not by addressing the problem.

Far infrared therapy safely works with the natural process of the body to help relieve pain, reduce swelling and promote healing.