Far Infrared Health Benefits

Far Infrared Health Benefits

Why You Don't Know About The Health Benefits of Far Infrared

If you were born and raised in western society, there's a good chance you know little or nothing about the significant healing benefits of Far Infrared Light Rays. Why is that?

We were taught about photosynthesis in school. You know, the process by which green plants absorb (infrared rays) sunlight to synthesize foods. You have to wonder why we weren't also taught about how far infrared rays can also benefit humans.

Maybe it's just the influence of Western medicine. Go to your doctor, get a prescription, take a pill, problem solved. Or maybe they just didn't really understand the way in which your body heals itself.

Asian cultures have embraced the use of far infrared therapy products for over 30 years. It's common knowledge that far infrared therapy products help to relieve pain, reduce swelling and promote the body's natural healing process.