Far Infrared fabric relieves pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - CTS

Wristbands for CTS Pain Relief

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you suffer from any of the six (6) stages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from mild to very severe, please read the following information, it could change your life!

Why Prolotex?

Prolotex's revolutionary fabric has been shown to relieve pain reduce swelling and heal tissues. To reduce your chances of having to have a  carpal tunnel release  operation you will want to take advantage of the healing powers of FIR.  To target the complete area of your hand, wrist, and forearm afflicted by this debilitating occupational disease, we recommend the WRISTBAND and the GLOVES in combination.

If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then pinching and compression of the “Median nerve”  is the source of your problem. Caused by repetitive movement in your hands and wrists, eventually the nerve becomes “crowded”, agitated, swollen and even inflamed.


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Unlike any other carpal tunnel products available today, Prolotex  offers effective pain relief and healing by targeting the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome at the molecular level.      

Most CTS braces, wraps, or gloves are designed to immobilize movement in the wrists, to keep from further compression the Median nerve.  Prolotex's Wristbands and Gloves work in an entirely different way.

ALARMING FACTS: Approximately 260,000 carpal tunnel release operations are performed each year, with 50% of the cases considered to be work related.-National Center for Health Statistics.

Prolotex's specially formulated material, safely and effectively emits and reflects far infrared rays deep into the entire area affected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This treatment increases circulation at the molecular level, helping to deliver fresh nutrients and oxygenated blood to the arterioles (smallest blood arteries) that surround the Median nerve. Swelling and compression of the nerve is relieved allowing the healing process to begin. (see diagram below)

Nerve Restoration

Diagram of nerve bundles and small capillaries

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Do you suffer from numbness or tingling in your hands?

Do you experience clumsiness when handling objects or feel a pain that shoots up through your arm all the way to your shoulder?

These may be the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

There is a nerve called the “Median nerve” that travels from your forearm into your hand and through a "tunnel" in your wrist.

The carpal tunnel is formed on the bottom and sides by your wrist bones, and covered on top by a strong band of connective tissue known as the “flexor retinaculum” or transverse carpal ligament.

Pinching or compression of the Median nerve sets into motion a progressively crippling disorder that eventually results in wrist pain, numbness and tingling in the hands.

What are the Symptoms of CTS?

Often, the first symptoms of CTS start as painful tingling in one or both hands during the night. Are you routinely waking up to find your hands numb and in the fetal position?

Accompanying this is a feeling of uselessness in the fingers, which are sometimes described as feeling swollen, even though little or no swelling is apparent. As symptoms increase, tingling may develop during the day, commonly in the thumb, index, and ring fingers. A decreased ability and power to squeeze things may follow.

How is CTS diagnosed?

Your doctor may diagnose this condition by the following symptoms and signs:

  •     Numbness and tingling in the hands; especially when prevalent at night and after repetitive use of the hands
  •     Decreased feeling in your thumb, index, and long finger
  •     A feeling of clumsiness and poor coordination and grip
  •     Your doctor may suggest you have a nerve conduction study (NCS) test to measure the rate at which an electrical impulse moves along your median nerve.


Do you suffer from CTS?

Far Infrared Wristband for CTS

"FIR" Wristbands will help relieve Your Wrist Pain!


Is Prolotex's Wristband & Glove combo worth it?

The following is a list of benefits from wearing Prolotex, you be the judge!

  •     Prolotex material is comfortable to wear and increases circulation at the molecular level
  •     Pain and swelling is relieved
  •     Healing is promoted
  •     Prolotex Far Infrared garments help flush toxins from the body
  •     Depending on the severity or stage of CTS, release operation could be avoided
  •     Prolotex material will not lose it's effectiveness overtime if suggested washing and drying instructions are followed
  •     Less Pharmaceutical drug treatment is required when wearing Prolotex
  •     Prolotex products are a good investment, compare cost of one restaurant meal to a product that will provide pain relief and promote healing for the life of the garment
  •     Prolotex's special bio-ceramic agents will provide several years of therapeutic healing when cared for as directed.
  •     Far Infrared Therapy gives long term health benefits to the body

BOTTOM LINE: Prolotex Wristbands and Gloves can make the difference for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers no matter what the stage of severity.

CONCLUSION: Treat your body well. It needs to last you for a lifetime. Search for products that naturally promote healing. Don't just rely on drugs to kill pain. Your body can only tell you there is something wrong by signals of pain. If you help your body heal, you will be addressing the problem and not just masking the symptoms. Your body will thank you for it!