Do You Suffer From Nagging Elbow Pain?

Don't let nagging Elbow Pain keep you out of the game!

If you suffer debilitating pain in your elbow or forearm than Prolotex is the “smart” answer to an age old problem.

For centuries, humans have suffered excruciating elbow pain caused by repetitive arm movement. Over-use of your arm muscles can result in microscopic tears in the tendons that attach muscle to bone and cartilage in the elbow.

Find out how Far Infrared Fibers can reduce your pain:

Prolotex's Elbow Bands are made from comfortable and supportive “intelligent” materials developed from the latest in far infrared technology.

Fused with a special patented bio-ceramic formula, these revolutionary far infrared fibers are safe and effective at helping relieve chronic elbow pain.


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"Just got the Prolotex Elbow band. I'm impressed! I've had tennis elbow for the past 2 weeks. The pain is constant day and night. The pain subsided almost immediately after putting on the elbow band.
I'm not sure how it works but I'm sure it DOES work! Rob T."

Golfers Elbow  & Tennis Elbow

Golfer's elbow is caused by straining the tendon (tendonitis) on the inside of the elbow and Tennis elbow is caused by straining the tendon on the outside of the elbow.

Symptoms Of Golfer's Elbow

Tenderness and pain at the inside of the upper forearm just below the bend of the elbow (medial epicondyle), made worse by flexing the wrist. The pain may spread down the forearm.      
  • Activities that use the flexor muscles like bending the wrist or grasping can make matters worse.
  •  Pain caused when bending the arm and especially when lifting or grasping light objects such as a coffee cup.
  •   Difficulty extending the forearm fully (because of surrounding inflamed muscles, tendons and ligaments).
  •   Pain may last for 3 to 10 weeks; some discomfort can continue for several years.

Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

  •     Recurring pain on the outside of the upper forearm just below the bend of the elbow (lateral epicondylitis); pain may radiate down the outside of the forearm toward the wrist.
  •     Pain when typing, grasping an item like the steering wheel.
  •     Difficulty extending the forearm fully (because of inflamed muscles, tendons and ligaments).
  •     Symptoms may last up to 12 weeks; if not cared for the discomfort may appear on and off for several years.

What is Bursitis

Bursitis is an inflammation of a bursa. The bursae (plural) are small fluid filled sacs between tendons and the bone all over the human body. They act as a cushion and prevent friction between your bones and other tissues. An inflamed bursa causes pain, tenderness to the touch of the affected body part, and limits mobility. There may occur redness and swelling in the area.

Overuse (repetitive stress syndrome) of any joint, bursitis is often caused by every day house and work related activities. House work (house or chambermaid), walking (police, security or postal delivery jobs), carpet installation, carpentry jobs, assembly manufacturing and even computer keyboarding repetitive activities.

Prolotex's Far Infrared Therapy

Prolotex Elbow Bands emit safe, natural far infrared rays that penetrate deep within the muscles and tendons of the elbow area, helping to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and most importantly enhance the healing process.

Made from strong, comfortable and supportive material, these FIR Elbow Bands can actually improve the power and flexibility in your muscles resulting in a stronger grip and swing.

The natural far infrared rays dilate the tiny blood vessels and capillaries relieving swelling, pain and speeding the healing process.

Prolotex Products don't stop there!

Far infrared therapeutic rays actually stimulate metabolic changes in living cells. Helping to deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to produce energy for vital processes, and assist with the elimination of some really nasty toxins. Including; lactic acid, free fatty acids, uric acids and foreign pollutants.

Elbow Joint Pain Relief!

Here's an interesting fact. Uric acid builds up in the joints, forming crystals. These sharp little buggers prick and jab away as we move around, causing severe joint pain. (Not good for your tennis of golf game).

Prolotex's Elbow Bands emit far infrared rays that shatter and dissolve uric acid crystals, effectively relieving joint pain.

Elbow Injury Prevention

The accumulation of toxic substances within the cells of your body. Remember, you body is made up of billions of cells. Therefore, muscles and tendons remain strong and flexible if you keep your cells healthy!

By wearing Prolotex's Elbow Bands during competitions or training, athletes have been able to eliminate soreness and muscle spasms while reducing the likelihood of future injuries. Prolotex speeds the healing process.