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God Bless you! I don't know how it works, I don't care how it works, but for the first time in over a month, since I just today received the knee band I ordered & put it on, I can actually lift my leg up with NO PAIN! I have a Baker's Cyst in the back of my left knee. I can attest to the finger-less gloves helping my right wrist & trigger thumb problem..... these have saved me from surgery.... no pain since I started wearing these over a year ago! To be able to lift me leg up with NO pain today is even more PROOF that these are incredible! Thank you so much. I think I can be your Poster Woman..... 58 years old & going strong because of "PROLOTEX". I love you all!

Patti S.

Richard G

I received my order and am pleasantly surprised. They do exactly as you stated, my feet have never been so warm. Very good product. Regards

Richard G.

I have Periphrial Neuropathy in my feet so I purchased a pair of your socks last month and was amazed at the difference that my feet felt. I also have bad circulation in my hands and I ordered a pair of your cut-fingered gloves earlier this month and received them just the other day and for the first time in 6 months I woke up without numbness in my fingers.

Thank you very much for your product.

John F.

Dear Sock and Glove makers, I found your Far Infrared on the Internet as I have Periperal Neuropathy. I am 68 - but most people think I am 50!!

I have bought your products. Now I AM MUCH MUCH HAPPIER - No pain in my hands and feet.

I use no PN drugs (Gaberpentin etc) no pain killers - just vitamins, herbs and sensible diet and exercise and your amazing Far Infrared Gloves and socks - I have 2 pairs of each and they have eased my daily life - THANK YOU

Yes - you can post my email on your website - is there any more news ref your long infrared socks - blessings

Christine E. B

Gloves For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It's already almost one month i both the half gloves for carpal tunnel syndrome, i wear it every night for all night, and i have to say that i feel the benefits said from the manufacturer, well simple, i don't have anymore the syndrome and the surgeon said for now no operation, if the syndrome came back w'll see, so i thank to Prolotex for this big help, to the next review  because i have both also the socks, w'll see when i start to wear it, goodbye

Felice from Gold Coast Australia

I sprained my foot a couple days before easter and by night time it was extremely painful. I could not walk on it. I have the scarlet wrap so decided l would give it a try and wrapped it around my foot, covered it with a sock so it wouldn't come off in my sleep and kept my foot elevated with pillows.

In the morning l was able to walk on it. It was sore but not as bad as the night before. I re wrapped my foot and covered it with 2 socks, no shoe and went to work. By the afternoon there was less pain and by the next day it was better and l could wear shoes. I am amazed and so pleased at how quickly it helped heal my sprained foot.

I am very pleased with your prolotex products. Thankyou.

Sylvia from Australia

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